Welcome to Lartigue’s Seafood Market

We source the highest quality seafood, both locally and internationally.

The cases and freezers at Lartigue’s Seafood Market are stocked with shrimp, royal reds, oysters, crabmeat, grouper, catfish, snapper, tilapia, salmon, sea scallops, sushi-grade ahi tuna, and so much more. Specialty items include gumbo, jalapeño stuffed peppers, crab pie, crawfish boudinseafood stuffed potatoes pies, etouffee, crabmeat stuffing, tuna dip, salmon dip, and homemade cocktail sauce. We will also steam your seafood purchase with our original seasoning that is available in spicy or mild.

As a purveyor of international imports, we will continually seek to add new and different products. Be sure to stop by and see what products are available for sample.

Lartigue Seafood Market Salmon Fish