Fresh Seafood Menu

Steamed Shrimp

Shrimp & Shellfish

Gulf Shrimp
We offer a wide selection of local shrimp

Sweet Deep water Red Shrimp
Caught off the pristine Patagonia Coast

Blue Crab Meat
Local hand picked crabmeat

100% natural Sea or Bay Scallops

Soft Shell Crab

You pick ‘em, we steam ‘em!

Available hot on the spot or chilled. Order in person or by phone.

Crab Legs

Crab Legs

Steamed Alaskan Snow Crab Legs

Dungeness Crab Legs

Crawfish - Lartigue Seafood - Alabama


Lousiana Cajun Boiled Crawfish
Handpicked Louisiana Crawfish Tail Meat

Oysters on Half Shell


Fresh Shucked

On the Half Shell

Dips and Sauces - Lartigue Seafood - Piggly Wiggly Alabama

Dips, Sauces and Salads

Fresh daily, all day!

Remoulade Sauce, Cocktail, and Lemon Butter Garlic Sauce
You’ll never make your own again…enough said!!

West Indies Crab Salad
A staple in lower Alabama made with lump crabmeat

East Indies Crab Salad
For those that prefer claw crabmeat and green onion

East Meets West Indies Salad

Smoked Tuna Dip (Spicy or Original)
Made with our sushi-grade tuna

Smoked Salmon Dip
Put a kick in your dip

Crawfish Dip

Atlantic Salmon

Oceans Catch

Local and globally sourced fish.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon
BAP Certified

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Seasoned/Crusted
Brown Sugar & Bourbon, Lemon Pepper, Almond/Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Crab Stuffed, Lemon Butter Dill, with more to come!

Sashimi Norwegian Salmon

Faroe Island Salmon

Wild Caught Sockeye

Wild Caught Salmon

Scottish Salmon

Tuna Sushi-Grade
Yellow-fin, Blue-fin, Ahi

Redfish Fillets
Blackened, Almond Coconut

Snapper Fillets
Lemon Butter Dill

Catfish Fillets and Catfish Nuggets
Plain and Blackened

Grouper Fillets and Grouper Fingers (Gulf of Mexico Red Grouper, and Yellow Edge Grouper)
Plain, Crab Stuffed, Almond Coconut Crusted, Crawfish Stuffed

Tilapia Fillets
Plain, Blackened, Garlic & Herb, Crawfish Stuffed Tilapia, Crab Stuffed Tilapia

Flounder Dressed or Flounder Fillets
Crab stuffed dressed flounder

Mahi Mahi Fillets and Fingers
Plain and Taco Seasoned


Triggerfish Fillets
Plain and Lemon Butter Dill


Cobia Fillets and Fingers

Alaskan Halibut

Pre-made Meals

Steamed Seafood Platter

Steamed Seafood Platters

Platters include Dungeness crab, Alaskan crab legs, locally caught shrimp, corn, and tators seasoned perfectly with our in-house seasoning.

Take & Bake

Handcrafted by our in-house chef

Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo

Crawfish Fettuccine Alfredo

Smoked Gouda Shrimp and Grits

Local Seafood Potato Pies
A full meal itself

Shrimp & Crab, Crab, Shrimp or Crawfish, Stuffed Potatoes

Seafood Casseroles
Perfect for any occasion

Crawfish & Corn
Crab & Corn
Shrimp & Crab Wild Rice
Shrimp & Crab Mac N Cheese
Shrimp Scampi Casserole

Shark Eggs
Crawfish & Pepperjack stuffed jalapenos

Gator Eggs
Crabmeat & Cream Cheese stuffed jalapenos

Shrimp Ticklers
Crabmeat shrimp & cream cheese jalapeño stuffed

Crab Stuffed Royal Red Shrimp

Lartigue’s Seafood Gumbo
Made with Love by the Lartigue Family since 1978

Crab and Corn Bisque

Clam Chowder

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Duck and Andouille Gumbo

Shrimp Creole

Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

Burgers & Croquettes
Our unique and healthy twist on an American classic

Spinach & Feta Salmon
Salmon Croquettes

Cajun Pig ‘n Blankets

Crawfish Jalapeño Poppers

Crab Cakes

Mini Crab Cakes

Mini Crawfish Cakes

Crab Pies 6″ or 9″

Crawfish Pies 6″ or 9″

Crabmeat Stuffing

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We are constantly updating our selection of local and globally sourced seafood. Stop by one of our four convenient locations to see what’s new!

Fairhope, Foley, and Loxley Piggly Wiggly!