About Our Products

We strive to provide the best local seafood, but we are aware of the need for globally sourced sustainable seafood. We source the highest quality seafood for your enjoyment and are completely transparent on where and how our product is brought to your table.

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood is an environmentally efficient source of protein. Wild-caught and farmed fish and shellfish in the U.S. are managed under a system of enforced environmentally responsible practices. Both wild-capture and farmed fish are important in ensuring sustainable supplies of seafood are available for our nation and the world.

At Lartigue’s, we want our customers to feel comfortable knowing they are not only buying quality seafood but are also supporting the environment. 

Faroe Island Salmon

The Faroe Islands believe in “quality through welfare” and have one of the strictest aquaculture operations in the world. This eliminates the unhealthy characteristics of most non-wild seafood and ensures responsible care of the environment and healthy salmon habitat. BAP Certified.